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Title (.Tunnel Vision.)
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         "Tunnel Vision"

[.m.u.s.i.c.a.l. .i.n.f.l.u.e.n.c.e.s]
[Actually, One day, I just felt like]
[making a trance song, so I did.  =)]
[No real influences here... Except maybe]
[The Church of Selene's]
[Song "Pali Writtings"]
[Also Thanks to all the people who's]
[Samples I unceremoniously ripped...]

[{Written by:  {-Necros-}]
               {AKA: Arjuna68}
               {for the band...}
               {Quad Bio-Vision}

Notes: "I don't presume to be any
kind of "l33t" tracker or anything
like that, I just have a love for
music, and I tried to express that
love by writting it."

|###| Sample Name                |
|001| (.Tunnel Vision.)          |
|002|                            |
|003| [Written By:]              |
|004| [Necros]                   |
|005| AKA: Arjuna68              |
|006| -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-    |
|007| =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=    |
|008| Thanks to: GrImAcE         |
|009| And everyone else!         |
|010| -------------------------- |