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Title Secret Hours
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     Secret Hours
    ________________(8 bit)____

  Finally ... I had thought the worst, but "Secret Hours"
  disproves it - I thought I was done with composing for good.
  Making "Secret Hours" wasn`t a pleasent experience for me,
  composing never actually has been that, but it`s been getting
  worse every time. There are many reasons for this in my belief,
  but they all come down to this one single factor - Perfectionism.

  I get really frustrated with myself, for no reason might the majorty
  of you say, but the inside keeps on being unsatisfied with everything
  I do, and it`s not just in music. First it felt nice, I knew that my
  head wouldn`t go over heals, but now it feels as if I could only
  exist and do nothing. It`s like a curse in a fearytale.

  Basickly, why should I keep on doing something that won`t bring me
  any joy, that won`t make me feel happy?? I love music, I really really
  do, sometimes I live with`in it, and from time to time it grabs me
  away from this hellhole which some of us refer to as "earth", but
  I just feel so exhausted with all this ... and as I said before, this
  problem doesn`t exist with music only, it`s the way I am with
  everything - it`s a part of my personality, probably for good.

  Bottom line? ...  Could be that this is my last song, could be that
  it`s not, could be that my next song comes out a year after this,
  or it could come out tomorrow ... I need to learn how to live without
  high demands and to be less critical with my work, and maybe after
  that I can compose with an "open mind", but until that ...

           ... everything`s uncertain.


  This song is dedicated to albanian refugees who were forced to leave
  their homes at Kosovo and in some other parts of former Yogoslavia.
  To the people that had to abandon their loved ones and family members
  without any knowing what might happen to them, and to the brave men
  who are willing to risk their lives as they are fighting for a better
  tomorrow - fighting a battle against tyranny.

  A little background on "Secret Hours"...

  Actually, it`s an old song which never got finished (we all have
  hundreds of those, right?) and had been "haunting" me ever since
  I created the first few patterns - in late summer 1998. It was
  ALMOST lost for good on the same autumn when I had an accident
  with my HD (thank God for floppies!), and after many turns it`s
  now finally finished. Sounds a little similar to "Inquisitor",
  doesn`t it? 

  All comments and opinions are always welcome!!
  Have an enjoyable spring folks!!


|###| Sample Name                |
|001| Analog String              |
|002| Accordion                  |
|003| Masterpiano                |
|004| WireBass                   |
|005|                            |
|006| Crystal Rhodes             |
|007| Choir                      |
|008| Guitar #1                  |
|009| DrumComp #1                |
|010| DrumComp #2                |
|011| Cymbal                     |
|012| Reversed Cymbal            |
|013| Guitar #2                  |
|014| BassPad                    |
|015| _________________________  |
|016|                            |
|017|                            |
|018| Secret Hours               |
|019|                            |
|020| (c) Acumen 1999            |
|021|                            |
|022|                            |
|023| ______                     |
|024|                            |
|025|                            |
|026|         |
|027|                            |
|028|     |
|029|                            |
|030| ______                     |
|031|                            |
|032|                            |
|033| Duration: 3.04min          |
|034| Channels: 34(53)           |
|035| Filename: AC-SH.IT         |
|036| Version : 8bit             |
|037| Finished: 14.4.1999        |
|038|                            |
|039| ______                     |